The amazing story
of Malcolm Smith,
spiritual healer

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    Malcolm's Specialties

    “My real work is touching souls”
                                     Malcolm Smith

    Healers are human, but the energy is divine. There is no condition that spiritual healing cannot overcome. With spiritual healing, as in allopathic or complementary medicine, there are specialists and generalists. Healers who have been doing healing work over a number of years are aware that they have a greater success with certain health problems and consistently fail or accomplish far less with other conditions, including those considered less serious.

    As a healer, Malcolm is no different. His ministry has been crowned with many healing miracles. His success rate has been greatest with:
      Heart/circulation issues
      Migraines and asthmas, especially with children,
      Eye problems
      Certain types of tumors.

    Yet Malcolm is no stranger to failure either. He has had little or no satisfactory outcomes with neurological diseases such as Alzheimers, Muscular Dystrophy, Parkinson's and Multiple Sclerosis.

    A possible explanation

    According to Malcolm (and it is only a theory, he insists), each healer is assigned to a team of physicians and surgeons in the spirit world who work with and through him or her. These non-physical medical practioners are skilled in manipulating the higher vibrational frequencies of “God's healing energy.” The practitioners retain the advanced medical knowledge they gained while living on earth, and continue learning in the higher interdimensional planes in the afterlife.

    Malcolm's “spirit team” appear to specialize in the areas listed above. Other healers may be working with teams specializing in neurological disorders. Malcolm strongly advises anyone surfing the Internet for a healer to try and ascertain from the healer in what areas he or she has had the greatest success before making a visit.

    The first goal of spiritual healing

    Although it is very rewarding to receive a physical healing, Malcolm emphasizes it is not the first priority of spiritual healing. “The body is a temporary vehicle,” he says, “but soul and spirit are eternal. Before real and lasting healing can take place, the soul must be touched with God's healing energy first. That's my real work touching souls.”


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